The world of bit coin is full of great successes and failures. If you want to succeed by investing in Bitcoin, you must learn from these failures and avoid repeating mistakes.      

James Howells

Stories like the story of James Howells is a cautionary tale. Howells started using bitcoin in 2009 when bitcoin was not worth it.
But then he discarded his computer and lost all his bitcoins along with the information.
Bitcoin could have made him rich When bitcoin’s price peaked in year 2017
Now James Howells wants £250 for a quick interview
On the one hand you have got to make a living after losing millions of pounds of Bitcoins in a landfill incident but on the other hand if you pay someone you are compromising the integrity of the interview. It doesn’t sit well
If you keep bitcoin data on your hard drive, be sure to protect it and be careful.. What the value of bitcoin will be in the future is unclear.
Different Cryptocurrency exchange can also involve money laundering or hacking . Many people have lost their wealth in money exchanges.
They put their currencies in invalid and unreliable currency exchanges. And Also Your bitcoins can be stolen by hackers.