Few people believe that Bitcoin came into being in 2008

just after protesters accused big banks of misusing people’s money, deceiving customers, impersonating the system, and making unreasonable fees. Bitcoin’s pioneers sought to hold the money holder accountable, eliminate intermediaries, reduce fees, anonymize transactions, and eliminate corruption
They created a decentralized system in which people can control their assets and have full details of that

Bitcoin (BTC) is the first cryptographic currency. The special feature of this currency is its non-issuance in a specific center and is not controlled by any central bank. The currency has been limited to 21,000,000 coins, Half of that is now published. Bitcoin can be converted to ordinary currencies (euros, dollars, etc.) or other crypto currencies on special exchanges. Bitcoin can also be purchased or charged for various services. Another way to use bitcoin is to open a deposit account and receive a percentage through it. In addition, in Japan Bitcoin is one of the official payment balances. Bitcoin invested equity comes close to investments by major companies like Delta Air Lines, CME Group and Ford Motor Company