About Us, Phoenix Store


About Us, Phoenix Store

Bitmain Exclusive Partnership


Phoenix Store is one of the leading cryptocurrency mining hardware retailer and the exclusive sales partner of Bitmain in the Middle East region.  Phoenix Store also maintains the regions accredited service and repair centre located in Dubai, UAE.

Phoenix Store’s partnership with Bitmain enables us to supply the latest state of the art mining hardware to our customers, ensuring their operations are the most efficient and profitable in this fast moving industry.

Showroom Opening

Phoenix Store will be opening its doors to Bitmain’s exclusive regional sales centre in the very near future. 

Located on Dubai’s premier Sheikh Zayed Road, clients will be able to come and meet our experienced team to

discuss anything from the purchase of machines, buying extended warranties, to providing cooling and hosting


Showroom address – Showroom No 4, Reemas Building, Sheikh Zayed Road, Dubai, UAE. 

Extended Warranty Plans

As Bitmain’s official Service and Repair centre in the region, Phoenix Store is able to provide repairs and servicing

to clients’ equipment, with a fast and efficient turnaround time. Further to this, Phoenix Store is able to provide

clients with different warranty plans to ensure clients mining operations always remain efficient and are

protected in the unlikely event of any defects ranging from 6 – 24 months.

Financing Options for Hardware

Phoenix Store is able to offer its clients with innovative solutions when it comes to buying Bitmain’s mining

hardware.  From payment plans which can be linked to Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies, we are able to offer

12 months payment plans for small clients looking to start mining or professional miners who are looking to

expand their operations with the help of financing from Phoenix Store.

Hosting Solutions

Phoenix Store with its years of experience in the industry is able to offer its clients support not just from a

servicing and warranty standpoint, but also from managing clients mining operations.

Having managed large scale mining farms in the Middle East, it has now established its mining operations in

various provinces across Canada.  With the benefit of a cool climate and favourable electricity prices, Phoenix

Store is able to help its client who wish to establish secure operations with end to end hosting solutions.  This

can be in the form of ready to move into facilities, where hardware can be housed on racks, to provide power

solutions where clients can buy Bitmain’s Antboxes and have a plug and play option.

For those clients who need cooling solutions for new or existing operations, Phoenix Store with its extensive

experience can provide consultation and solutions such as emersion cooling, making an operation in even the

most extreme environment profitable.