5 Reasons to Buy Bitcoin Instead of Gold?

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Inevitably, the global economy is shifting toward a digital eco-system. From investment to the transfer of capital, everything goes paperless. Cryptocurrencies are the newest and most exciting addition to the digital payment market. This is the reason more and people now prefer to buy Bitcoin instead of gold. A big question that arises is that ‘where to store bitcoin?’—of course a secure and safe bitcoin wallet. 

We know that almost every field of existence changes and becomes more advanced with the growth of technology-handwritten letters are replaced by instant electronic messages, printed books compete with e-books Even ordinary cash payments can be made through e-banking from the comfort of your home. It’s all going digital. 

Main Reasons to Invest in Bitcoin and Bitcoin Mining Machine In 2021  

There should be 5 main properties of any valuable investment asset: scarcity, security, divisibility, mobility, and genuineness. Bitcoin has all the boxes ticked! Here are some of the main reasons you should invest in bitcoin wallet. 

Easily Sold

It can easily be passed to another user and sold for its USD value because bitcoin and bitcoin wallet is fully digital. Using a QR code, you can meet another user and pass your Bitcoin in person, or you can utilize the help of a third-party exchange service that will connect you to a buyer digitally.  


The genuineness of Bitcoin can hardly be questioned. With its birth, an innovative idea of money was introduced to the world that heralded a new age of the crypto economy, free of interference or backing from third parties. The underlying decentralization theory gives financial rights to users and places money under the control of individuals rather than financial institutions. 

Can Be Used as Currency

At any store that accepts bitcoin, you can use it as a digital currency, as long as you have a mobile wallet app that allows you to pay with Bitcoin. Bitcoin cannot be used as a form of payment anywhere, but it is approved by some major retailers. Meanwhile, you can simply store your currency in bitcoin wallet. 

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Emerging Power 

Bitcoin, relatively speaking, is new. It has been around for just 10 years. Because of that, it is seen as an emerging investment and has the ability to increase value exponentially. Now investing in bitcoin could lead down the road to major payoffs. Many individuals have already cashed out and retired on their bitcoin investments. 

Highly Divisible

Divisibility is another reason that makes Bitcoin a friendly investment. Have you ever had an opportunity to spend a fraction of a bullion of gold? Possibly not, though. That really doesn’t make any economic sense. Gold bullion, real estate, stocks or futures can’t actually be broken into tiny units from the objective point of view, though Bitcoin can. 

The smallest unit of Bitcoin at present is Satoshi. According to the present BTC to USD rate, this is one hundred millionth Bitcoin (0.00000001 BTC) or $0.00005988. Looks sufficiently affordable, doesn’t it? 

Should I Invest in Bitcoin Antminer Or Gold? 

It depends upon the objectives. Bitcoin is a better investment for future short-term gains, but if you don’t secure your assets, you also have the tendency to lose a lot of money. 

You actually have to determine from an investment point of view whether bitcoin is a financial hallucination destined to fail or a new asset class meant to be part of the investment setting. If you ponder on the latter a strong possibility, then it is difficult to disregard the prospects.  

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