Can someone hack the Ledger Nano X to leak information?

Can someone hack the Ledger Nano X to leak information?

Ledger Nano X—the most famous cryptocurrency hardware wallet (more than 1.4 million units sold). The Nano X or S is the safest and most cost-effective way to store cryptocurrencies. This article will examine stability, design, mobility, and supported coins to help you determine if the Ledger Nano X is the right hardware wallet for you.  

The company’s reputation for security is one of the most compelling reasons to purchase Ledger hardware wallets. Hardware wallets for cryptocurrency are similar to bank accounts in that they provide complete access to funds and need banking-grade protection.  

How Secure Are Ledger Nano X or Ledger Nano S Wallets? 

The Ledger Nano wallets have an inbuilt secure element (microcontroller). Hackers cannot breach secure elements because they are independent pieces of hardware (second layer of security) with their own storage and restricted functionality. 

The Ledger will keep your cryptocurrencies safe even if your computer is hacked or compromised. The Nano X and Nano S are also the only cryptocurrency hardware wallets on the market to be awarded the ANSSI (National Agency for Information Systems Security) CSPN (First Level Security Certificate). By putting a system through multiple attack scenarios, the certification scheme tests multiple aspects of its security, including firewall, identification, authentication, and embedded software. 

How Does Ledger Nano S Work? 

So, now the question is, how does Ledger Nano S work? Well, your root key never leaves the system because it has its own processor that calculates the keys, keeping it protected from possible viruses or auto-transacting malware installed on the machine you’re using it with. Furthermore, the Ledger Nano needs an additional hardware confirmation of every transaction – you must push a button on the computer to send funds, or it will not operate. With the Ledger, there are no sneaky funds. 

If you lose or break your Ledger, you can easily recover all of your funds by simply punching in the 24 terms you were given when you first set up the system. These terms must be kept private and hidden from prying eyes.  

Certified Chip Along with Secure Element 

A secure element was created with protection in mind, but it is not a self-proclaimed land. A secure element, on the other hand, goes through a rigorous certification process (for example, Common Criteria EAL5+), during which its security is thoroughly assessed by a third party. 

To be licensed, the chip must be able to withstand a high-potential intruder using cutting-edge techniques. Furthermore, the chip’s manufacturing cycle must be closely monitored. A third party must inspect the processes and facilities from construction to production. A cryptographic process, in particular, is used to ensure that only the chip’s manufacturer can load code onto it. This manufacturing method can guard against supply chain attacks in which malicious software is loaded on the chip or the hardware circuit is tampered with to create a backdoor. 

How to Get Private Key from Ledger Nano S 

To manage crypto assets, hardware wallets use both public and private keys. Crypto assets are sent to a public address, where the owner can use the private key to spend them. 

Since the private keys they protect never leave the computer, hardware wallets are built to make it impossible to access them. This is known as the isolation principle, also known as cold storage. The private keys are never “hot” or “online,” which means they can’t be revealed to the internet or the device to which they’re connected. 

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