How Do I Add Money to My Crypto Wallet?

crypto wallet uae

A crypto wallet UAE is a device where you can store your cryptocurrency safely. Crypto wallets come in a variety of forms, but the most common are hosted wallets, non-custodial wallets, and hardware wallets. 

What you want to do with your cryptocurrency and what sort of safety net you want will determine which option is best for you. 

Best Crypto Wallet UAE: Hardware Wallet

A hardware wallet is a physical device—the size of a thumb drive—that stores your crypto’s private keys offline. A hardware crypto wallet UAE has an easy to navigate interface and is cost-effective.  

This is one of the main reasons most individuals prefer hardware wallets. Also, they offer major advantages, such as keeping your crypto safe even if your computer is hacked.  Compared to a software wallet, their increased security makes them ideal to use. 

Setup of Ledger Wallet: A Hardware Wallet

Despite the fact that the Ledger Nano X, a secure hardware crypto wallet UAE runs on its own operating system, it is compatible with iOS, MacOS, Android, Windows, and even Linux. Follow these steps to set up a hardware wallet: 

  • Purchase the necessary digital crypto wallet. Ledger and Trezor are the two most well-known brands. 
  • Install the software. Each manufacturer has its own software that must be installed in order to set up your wallet. To construct your wallet, download the software from the official company website and follow the instructions. 
  • Add cryptocurrency to your wallet. A hardware wallet, like a non-custodial wallet, does not allow you to acquire crypto with traditional currencies (such as USD or AED). Thus, you’ll have to transfer crypto to your wallet. 

How to Add Funds to Your Blockchain Crypto Wallet Dubai?

To deposit AED or USD, go to your wallet’s dashboard (home screen) and simply pick your currency. 

You can’t directly deposit money into a blockchain wallet, but you can do so through your country’s exchange partner (for example, if you live in Dubai, your exchange partner could be an OTC trading platform). You can acquire Bitcoin that is equivalent to the money you want to invest. 

Before you do anything with any blockchain wallet, create a backup of the seed words and private key on paper and save it safely. 

After you’ve completed your backup, the following step is to locate your wallet. You can do it by employing the following strategies: 

  • Pick a crypto wallet UAE that allows you to purchase cryptocurrencies with a debit or credit card or directly from your bank account. 
  • Find the finest cryptocurrency exchange that allows you to buy cryptocurrency with a debit/credit card or a bank account.  
  • Then, from your exchange, transfer your cryptocurrency to your crypto wallet UAE wallet. You’ll want to double-check that the cryptocurrency you’re sending is the same as the one you’ll be using to finance your wallet. 

Features of A Good Cryptocurrency Wallet: Ledger Nano S


Your private key, which grants you access to your coins, is never made public. It is safeguarded by a secure chip with a PIN code, similar to those used in passports and credit cards. 


The Ledger Nano S hardware crypto wallet UAE supports over 25 cryptocurrencies, including Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple, and Altcoins, allowing you to manage various assets with one device. 


Only two buttons control the device, and all operations are visible on the screen. The Ledger companion applications make it simple to keep track of your crypto transactions. 

Make a backup and restore

Even if you lose your Ledger Nano S, your crypto assets are safe: your 24 keywords are saved on a recovery sheet, and your account(s) may be simply restored on any Ledger device. 

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