How Much of the World’s Money is in Bitcoin?

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With soaring valuations, Bitcoin exploded into the media spotlight in late 2017. People started to wonder if this was actually the start of mass adoption, not just because it was trendy to announce that you had invested in the next big thing. Bitcoin is a very basic idea at its heart. The aim was to develop a peer-to-peer currency that does not require the use of a conventional financial institution. Bitcoin (BTC) has seen its price rise from virtually zero to more than $60,000 since its inception. And that is the reason more and more people are investing in bitcoin mining in Dubai and other parts of the world. 

What’s the worth of Bitcoin 

We’ll start with the total value of Bitcoin because it’s the easiest component. The cumulative value of all of an asset’s outstanding securities is its market capitalization. For bitcoin mining in Dubai and other areas of the world, the total supply of shares multiplied by the price equals the market cap of a given asset. At the time of writing, there are approximately 18.6 million bitcoins in circulation, valued at $48,400 each, with a total market capitalization of $902 billion.

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How Much of The World’s Money Is in Bitcoin Bitcoin Mining in Dubai 

To figure out how much of the world’s wealth is in bitcoins, we must first figure out how much money there is in general. As it turns out, answering this question isn’t easy. An estimate like this could factor in hundreds of different types of assets, such as banknotes, precious metals, money market accounts, and debt. In October 2017, the Money Project attempted this calculation and came up with a figure of $36.8 trillion in global narrow money. This figure is unquestionably out of date as of March 2020. It was, however, arbitrary enough to justify using it as a rough calculation. For bitcoin mining in Dubai and other parts of the world, Bitcoin is worth around 0.4 percent of the estimated value of narrow money.

Bitcoin VS Other Currencies

When it comes to bitcoin mining in Dubai and other areas of the world, Bitcoin’s worth is not insignificant in comparison to the rest of the world’s income. The global stock market is worth $90 trillion, with gold, silver, and other precious metals worth another $12 trillion. As mentioned earlier, the total M2 money supply, which includes all actual cash in circulation as well as reserves, promissory notes, and other liquid money instruments, is estimated to be in the $40 trillion range. 

Bitcoin’s price is ultimately dictated by the same market forces that decide the price of every product or asset: supply and demand. Despite Bitcoin’s scarcity, the price could potentially increase over time as more users join the network and market. Just 21 million will ever be produced, and the annual inflation rate (the number of coins produced per year) is approximately cut in half every four years. With that, the scope for bitcoin mining in Dubai is increasing like in other parts of the world. 

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