Whatsminer M66 – Immersion Cooling

A next-generation mining rig offering unparalleled efficiency and power for professional miners.

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Whatsminer M66, Ultra-High Performance Cryptocurrency Mining Rig sets a new standard in the mining industry with its astounding hash rate of 242 TH/s ±10%, making it one of the most powerful rigs on the market. Engineered for efficiency, it boasts a power ratio of just 21 J/T ±5%, ensuring maximum profitability by minimizing energy consumption.

Whatsminer M66 is designed to meet the needs of serious miners, featuring a robust AC380~480V PSU for reliable power, and a compact form factor for easy integration into existing setups. With custom-made power cables and Ethernet connectivity, it offers a seamless mining experience. Whether you’re expanding your mining farm or starting a new operation, this rig provides the performance and efficiency you need to stay ahead.


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Hashrate 242 TH/s ±10%
Power Ratio 21 J/T ±5%
PSU AC380~480V
Size 267.5mm*147mm*401mm with handle
Weight Net weight: 16kg Weight with packaging materials:17kg
Power Cable Model Custom made, ≥ 16A
Internet Connections Ethernet
  1. What does the hash rate mean for this mining rig? The hash rate of 242 TH/s ±10% indicates the rig's powerful capability to process and solve complex cryptographic puzzles, essential for mining cryptocurrencies efficiently.
  2. How does the power ratio affect my mining operation? With a power ratio of 21 J/T ±5%, this rig is among the most energy-efficient on the market, reducing operational costs and increasing the profitability of your mining operation.
  3. What are the power requirements for this mining rig? It requires an AC380~480V power supply unit, suitable for handling high-power demands while maintaining efficiency and stability.
  4. Is this mining rig suitable for small-scale operations? Given its high power and efficiency, it's ideal for professional mining operations. However, it can be integrated into smaller setups with adequate power infrastructure.
  5. Can I connect this rig to my existing network? Yes, it features Ethernet connectivity for easy integration into your current network, ensuring stable and fast internet access for uninterrupted mining.
  6. What is the significance of the custom-made power cable? The custom-made ≥ 16A power cable is designed to safely and efficiently supply the necessary power to the rig, ensuring optimal performance and reducing the risk of power-related issues.